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Re: Ditto X4 update

Have you checked the behavior in _buffered_ bypass mode ? (This is set by the 4th dip switch at the back.)

I found a music store and bought a wall wart powerful enough to fire up the mighty X4.

Unfortunately, it introduced a nasty hum into my system that I can’t seem to eliminate.

Note, by the way, that the unit itself specifics 300 mA on the box where the DC power goes in. That’s weak.

And I just found out that the two channels are discrete, which messes me up in a way that isn’t their fault but still. The RC-30, which I have been using for several years, has two inputs and two outputs, but if there is nothing plugged into the second output, the two inputs are summed. That makes it possible for me to use the GR-55 and control the mix right on the guitar.

I’m crippled for the rest of this tour, and I expect I’ll be sending the Ditto back after I get home. Kinda disappointed here.