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Re: Which Exp/Sustain/Controller jack pedals, for what, and why?

Hi Torben,

The Bespeco pedals seem to do exactly what the Roland ones do at a fraction of the price.
I picked up quite a few of them, mostly second hand, and never had problems beyond
the expected re-tightening (although I have heard of one new unit that was defective).
It's easy to resolder if you get the wrong config ( just swapping 2 wires in the jack).

Currently I'm working on a double momentary switch for _expression_ control.
When it's built it'll give a momentary 5V or 0V selectable for one switch,
and switch 2 is connected to a pot for some intermediate value.
I'm also considering an option for the 2nd switch to route an LFO
(amplitude controlled by the pot)

(Per Boysen is partly responsible for the idea behind this).

Other options
EH 8 Step.  Sequencer, but can be configured as a tap tempo LFO.

Moog CP-251. LFO and random step. Also possible to fine tune how
your effect responds to a footswitch.

A number of the Moogerfooger range pedals have useful control voltage out,
although not so useful if you don't have a simple attenuator circuit.
(just a 10K pot)

Yes, agree that FB is no place really for much useful discussion, or at least not
compared to the mailing list format.
That's the way things are going though, communication on FB is
the 'big thing', so it's good that LD is represented there.

People do manage to get decent info on FB, there's a few ways that Facebook notifies you
if you have any response to a post, so it "shouldn't" get lost.

Anyway, currently revelling in the opportunity to respond at length to more than one point!


On 07/02/2016 09:26, Torben Scharling wrote:
Tried asking this on the FB group, but Jeff Prickchart thought it was too offensive to call the LD FB group link spammy (God I miss the good o'l forum days where you could actually ask questions and get peoples advice, without having your topic be buried by endless pages of what I would consider borderline spam, so here goes nothing:

I'm about to get some exp pedals or "something to stick into exp/controller jack inputs". 

Got 3 open female slots just waiting to be used. 

Was gonna go for 3 Roland EV-5's can't find any good current deals on 'em (I'm cheap, but don't wanna get the cheaper equivalent as reviews tell me something like the EV-5 is the tried and tested thing to pick), but I don't really need 3 volume/wah pedals (already got 1 ev-5 hooked up to the Rang III, and as has been discussed, can't use more than 1 on the Rang III unfortunately, due to endless digital encoders and non-existant additional jacks). Already have 16 stomp type buttons that I can basically have control anything, be on/off or latching etc. AnI got one Roland DP-10 sustain/damper pedal (that I love), thinking of maybe getting one more, so I have one already to use as keyboard sustain, but then I could add another one for "sustaining" my guitar/bass or similer, where it would be prefered over a traditional button.. So I was thinking: 

What sort of pedals for those type of exp/control/sustain/damper (stereo/trs) jacks do you guys use, what do you prefer to use for live performances, with what type of effect(s)/what are you typically using said controller pedals for? 

Torben Scharling