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Let's talk software delay plugins :)

Howdy y'all

First a recommendation: I've been loving this free delay for years, though also missed it for the last few years due to it not running properly on my previous not-properly-running system el crap system (maybe due to the 32/64bit thing): http://mdsp.smartelectronix.com/analog-delay/
There's a donation button, thought I don't think that will automatically mean it'll be updated to 64bit/current OS/DAW support..Maybe we can collectively bug the programmer/donate to make it happen? In any event, and for those of you running 32bit please check it out, IMO it sounds awesome (analog mode is what I defaulted to), I love it's features, love how it sounds and haven't found an alternative that does the same things and sounds as good (any suggestions?)

So ya, what is you guys' favourite delay plugin? (not counting specific looping plugins)


/Torben Scharling