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DOA Line6 DD4 Delay pedal. What's the latest fix?

So my Line6 DD4 (Big green) delay pedal now has the dreaded totally dead
"feature" these things are prone to. I did a search for "DD4 Not powering
up) and found dozens of posts over the years of the same issue. basically
everything was 100% fine. Now it's completely dead and won't power up on
batteries, Line6 PS, or a 3rd party verified PS. I've opened it up and
checked contacts and the three top left diodes and didn't see anything
that looked suspicious.

Tried the supposed "fixes" on youtube of looking at the power connector
but haven't tried reseating the chip yet (I don't have a chip puller and
it's a bit delicate so don't want to risk that if it's just more snake

Has anyone here successfully brought one of these back from the dead?

As a corollary I'm actually ok with having a Line6 tech fix it so am
curious if anyone did that and how much it cost? I figure if it fixes it
100% and is less than $100 it would be worth it as (when working) this is
still my fav grab-and-go looper.

Thanks for any/all help or suggestions. Feel free to email direct or post

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