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Re: request for assistance

Hi Noah and everyone else,

In the category 'loop covers' I'm always totally amazed by Binkbeats. As a percussionist, he goes acoustic were most loopers would turn to electronics. This is my favourite video, where he performs a J. Dilla 'medley':


Laura Stavinoha
+316 295 416 45

Op 19 apr. 2016, om 22:28 heeft Noah Peterson <noah@noahpeterson.com> het volgende geschreven:

Hey Loopers,

I'm working on an article for Loopinglive.com and wanted to get some
recommendations from y'all.

I'd like to see what you think are the best looping videos (or good videos
of the best loopers)

And some nominations for wacky, bizarre, funny, or awesome beyond

For example, I think this guy rocks the awesome quotient with the jittery
dance, gas mask, and metal detector: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA7CCQr5NUY

Can't wait to see what you send me!


Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209