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Re: Anyone used Mobius 2.5 J-bridged to Ableton Live x64?

On Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 9:45 AM, Robert Craig Thomas
<robert@robertcthomas.com> wrote:
> Has anyone worked with Mobius 2.5 as a J-bridged VST in Ableton Live x64?

No. But I just tested Mobius 2.5 in Mainstage on a Mac, AU
resurrection by 32 Lives. And I can report it works just as if having
the full shebang by 32 bits. Same 32 Lives wrapping works equally well
in Live 9. I'm not saying it is totally stable, I'm saying it works as
expected - because stability in live audio input processing tends to
go down when you add on plugins in a host application.

Right now I have no access to a Windows based machine, but a few years
ago I ran Mobius VST in Bidule under windows and I'm recalling that
setup as even more stable than using a DAW like Live. But then I'm
setting the tempo by playing and looping in the Mobius VST plugin so
the host (Bidule/Live/Mainstage) has to pick up the tempo as the sync
slave. You could run 32 bit Bidule and host both Kontakt and Mobius
2.5; I would guess that would be as stable one can get in a
host/plugin setup.

Personally, I do prefer the Mobius standalone version though, because
it is so solid in musical timing and stable compared to the plugin
versions under a host application.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen