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Mobius headache: finding where are my ui.xml and mobius.xml files

Hi dear Ld people,

I'm preparing myself for a new fresh installation of my pc system in which I've a happy Mobius installation, working fine for many years.
As per common practice I've always considered that my "sacred to save" files to be placed in the typical Mobius installation folder: C:\Program Files\Mobius 2

Doing a new installation on a fresh pc I've been embarrassed at most to see that the ui.xml and mobius.xml files I've transferred are not the ones that reflect the Mobius settings I have in the pc where I picked them from.

Is it possible that Mobius is saving the ui.xml and mobius.xml files in a different folder than the typical one ?
How can I find which one is it ?

I'm blocked, and really surprised...

thank you !