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Looperlative LP-1 For Sale (and other gear)

Hi gang!


Long time, no post for me...I read the FB page though!


Anyway, after a long and hard self-debate, I’ve decided to part with my LP-1. I’m starting here with the list, then FB…before I have to use Ebay.


Currently rack mounted, it is in mint condition with Ver. 1.34d software still on it (shows you how long since I’ve used it!)



My price is $600 firm + whatever shipping, handling and insurance costs to get it to you. US only, unless I figure out a safe way to get it to you overseas…I worry about it being damaged in transit, then we’re BOTH OUT.



I also have a few other pieces of gear that are looping-related:


Furman M-8L Power Conditioner              $75

Lexicon MPX-110 Effects Processor          $60

GATOR 10U ABS Stackable Rack                 $60


If, by some longshot you’d want the whole assembly w/ wall wart plugs and all, perhaps we can make a deal.


Pictures of all components, upon request.


Email me, thanks!