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Re: My first time... MIDIfying my brain?

I have a gordius big little giant midi foot controller sitting on shelf if you are interested
Best foot controller out there


On 24 May 2016, at 19:23, David Mason <stubhead@hotmail.com> wrote:

Actually I've owned a looper for years, the rather tragically-toned Boss RC20XL. The ONLY way I could trick a tolerable tone out of that is to fully-process my gits with preamp, modeler or such, going into the "mic" input. Noisy process, noisy little bugger. A little ways back, I unearthed the dulcet-toned TC Electronics DittoX2, which has now politely kicked off progressive, metasticizing greed. As any player with time in the trenches can tell you, G.A.S. is woefully and viciously cross-addictive - one wah and one fuzzbox is just fine until you have TWO wahs, then you need FIVE fuzzes? Must... Have... More...Loops... loop... loop.. loo...

I originally figured out I would likely be served best by feeding little Ditto-bits and even the long (5s) delays and junior (40s) loops in a Digitech modeler into Audacity recording software, and treating that as the "Motherlooper." But a miracle dawned, i.e. Mr. E. Yuhas was moving a Looperlative LP1 and - I HAD MONEY! At the same time even, truly a great miracle! I'll never leave the house again! However, what I am a rank rookie virgin at is - MIDI. Long ago I decided I would rather be a musician than a programmer - computers are just not intrinsically interesting to me - I have always managed to figure out JUST ENOUGH to do what I wanted. But now, MIDI rears it's beady little eyes - and I NEED footswitchery. The Behringer 1010 is affordable but it's way-HUGE, so I'm trying to find out about - 4-button things? Seven buttons? I expect to be sitting right in front of the LP1 and I just need start, stop, record-start n' stop initially. It LOOKS like I can temporarily specially-program a button for "reverse" or starting a "group" of tracks etc., is this correct? 

I really need the real estate down there more than a bunch of cutey-pie insty-tricks - my experience with other sorts of tricks is one may begin to try to write music JUST TO SERVE THE TRICKS - say, who's in charge around here? So: anyone have opinions, and/or experience with the Peavey 5-button switch, the Tech 21 3-button MIDI Mouse and 7-button MIDI Moose? Alternatives? I'm handy enough with a soldering ar'n, but not to the point of wishing to dissect MIDI cable unless it saves GLOBS of cash.