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Re: Delay Plugin with Multi Tapping like Logic Delay Designer?

Alas, it’s not very active these days.

Most of the discussion has moved over to the FB version of the list.

But you have to request to join that.

They have experienced so much spam in the past year or two (people with 
fake names who join just to sell sunglasses, etc.) that it’s pretty hard 
to get admitted to the group on FB.

You have to know sombody already in the group to get by the gatekeepers.

Best regards,

Ted Killian

> On Jun 21, 2016, at 9:16 AM, Buzap <buzap@gmx.net> wrote:
> Hi folks
> I'm not so sure if this mailing list is still active...
> A question:
> Is there a delay plugin (on Mac, ideally VST on both PC/Mac) that allows 
> freely setting multi-taps with a midi-programmable button?
> This is something excellent in Logic's Delay Designer: You pressed a 
> button for your tap(s) then I think an end button - then, it used 
> exactly the tempo and rhythm of your taps for the delay.
> I don't want to reinstall Logic or Mainstage just for this. Also, would 
> be nice to use it on PC. I also don't need sophisticated modulation, 
> pitch shift etc, just the delay taps would be fine.
> best
> Buzap