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Re: iphone live looping equipment

You might be interested in http://loopr.net as a foot controlled 
If you want a code to try loopr out, ask.

> Le 22 juil. 2016 à 18:55, <mike@michaelplishka.com> 
> <mike@michaelplishka.com> a écrit :
> Hi all!
> Anyone have any insights into looping live with an iphone 5s?  I've used
> nothing but hardware live my musical life, and I'd like to try Loopy HD 
> and
> give it a go with a phone based system.  I picked up a factory 
> refurbished
> 5S with 32G for less than 100 bucks.  It will be dedicated to music, 
> nothing
> else. Guitar and vocals are sometimes looped together, sometimes just 
> one or
> the other and the remaining goes through without being looped.
> Thanks in advance!
> Mike
> www.michaelplishka.com
> www.reverbnation.com/michaelplishka