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Re: 64 bit alternative to Mobius

Congratulations, Luca! Looking forward to hearing more about your new
Max Msp based system.

I still have my Mobius system at hand, it has been serving me well for
almost an entire decade now. My pedalboard control banks with 7 banks
X 10 switches hasn't changed much either - in total a fair 80 commands
to juggle audio with.

However, Mobius is not being used that frequently over here these
days. I mostly loop on the FractalAudio AxeFxII
amp-cab-mod/multi-processor. It offers two delay units and a looper
that can be combined in many different ways. The challenge is that the
designers have not thought about the possibility to use looping as
part of an instrument, so many of my solutions for issues, where the
FractalAudio initially can't do what you want it to do, must be solved
in programming the Gordius Little Giant MIDI pedalboard. I like that
system because there is no computer in it :-)

I think the generally most important factor, in
finding/designing/building, a good system for live looping performance
is the interface. With a powerful yet simple interface, you might be
able to create better music than if your interface offers more
options. So your decision on how many control pedals to break out is
kind of crucial for its "playability" but, of course, also a matter of
your personal taste.

I took a whole day off once to see if I could duplicate some
EDP/Mobius functionality all withing Mainstage (Mac) and was amazed
how far you can take that system by only using the native plugin
Loopback! The technical side is easy; using groups to model
"Multiply", "alternating stacked loops vs parallel loops" etc, but the
real challenge is to design your own user interface. I think Mainstage
has a problem in the fact that screen control objects can not be
hidden away, so when setting up a complex routing (like if modelling
some EDP functionality) your screen will become very cluttered by
objects that are not your GUI.

Plogue Bidule is another great software. I used it before Mainstage
entered the market - and my Bidule looping setup was in fact almost
the same as what the new Mainstage turned out to be. But Bidule was
still better in sound patch switching, because you can set it up so
that the app listens to the old patch and keeps its line open until
its audio tail have faded out. That's till not possible in Mainstage
(in MS you can choose a number of bars to keep the old line open, but
there's no organically dynamic fix like Bidule's).

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 12:51 AM, Luca - Unguitar <luca@unguitar.com> wrote:
> My new audio environment is almost ready and it is based on Max Msp.
> It is a step up from Audiomulch, although I miss many of its good points 
> and
> simple UI.
> One of the most important reasons for this change is the need to move to 
> 64
> bit, Audiomulch is still 32 bit and there's no chance to know about a
> possible time reference for the 64 bit update.
> It looks like the same is ( sadly) happening for Mobius so I need to 
> check
> about possible alternative solutions.
> My system will probably be hosted by a mac but I'm open to adapt myself 
> to
> any OS to get a functional audio system.
> Thanks for you advice,
> My best,
> Luca