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Re: Plogue Bidule anyone?

yes Per, i hear you!

it's been a bad find to see Bitwig fall so bad in that ( as did Live, I agree).
On the other hand there is a lot of very smart thinking inside of it ( Bitwig).

I feel I'm wasting too much time to reproduce and check my set up in all these environments and still feel far from the solution.
I've tried Live, Max, Live professor, Bitwig, Usine, Blogxpander, Bluecats' mixers and other applications, Cantabile and some other I've uninstalled.

It looks like "our" use of such applications doesn't interest most sw developers.

Beside this what makes me upset and sad is the lack of conventions in many aspects of plugins development and the lack of responsibility of many developers who've abandoned their applications without even thinking about making their codes available to allow updates.

On 10/09/16 17:22, Per Boysen wrote:
Just a short note on Bitwig, since you mentioned it: Bitwig can not follow an invoming MIDI clock tempo signal. For me that is a showstopper. I love Bitwig as a DAW but definitely not as a looper plugin host, since I want to set the global tempo for my entite rig by my playing and live-looping (Mobius generating the tempo within a set tempo interval). 

Of the hosts I have tried so far I think Bidule has the best ability to follow external sync (from looper plugin/appl) while hosting effect plugins that line up to that tempo). Mainstage comes second in this regard. I have also used Live as looper slave but think that it looses sync too often (may work better with Abletons new, propriaty, sync protocol... Yet no experience with that, though)

lördag 10 september 2016 skrev Luca - Unguitar <luca@unguitar.com>:
damn, I was dreaming that Bidule had a sort of magic 32 to 64 converter as Bitwig does, while I had just installed Bidule 32 instead of 64.

Per Boysen wrote:

He, he... Either th, or you installed Bidule 42 bit "by mistake".
Luca wrote:
One question: it looks like Mobius is working on Bidule 64 bit or does it mean I have installed the 32 bit by mistake?


Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen