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Italy gig spam

Hi Loopers -- Sorry about the spam but I'm trying to get the word out about these gigs in Italy. Thanks to Massimo and other Massimo for helping me set these up!
If you happen to know any folks 'round these parts, I'd really appreciate it if you'd let them know, say nice stuff etc. Thank you!

Amy X Neuburg in Italy. Solo performances for voice and live electronics.
Improvising percussionist Moe! Staiano makes a guest appearance at 3 of these gigs.

Sunday 13 November, 17:00 
Alterazioni festival 
Villa Litta -- Lainate

Thursday 17 November, 22:00 
Astro Club 
Moe! Staiano joins as guest performer

Friday 18 November 
OnOff supper club – admission includes buffet dinner 
Double bill with Moe! Staiano opening

Saturday 19 November, 21:00
Casa del Popolo di Settignano 
Moe! joins as guest performer