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Re: looping PD patches collection

Haha as a result, Michael posted your work on LL.org and I want to add a video of yours to the youtube/livelooping playlists
can you pick one or two, please?

and Michael thinks the place for PD patches is on the PD site
so maybe we could ad a link to there on LL.org?

On 161213 11:20, Sylvain Poitras wrote:
Some of my Pd patches in action, running on the organelle:


Links to patches are in the video descriptions.


On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 7:38 AM, Dave Draper <dh.draper@virgin.net
<mailto:dh.draper@virgin.net>> wrote:

    Hi Matthias, et al

    I too am intrigued by this. I currently use a pitch
    shifting/mangling sampler/delay/looper thing I built in bidule,
    although the results are considerably more anarchic than Thomas!

    Any help in the form of patches that parallel what I'm doing in
    bidule would be very welcome!

    Dave Draper

    On 07/12/2016 09:31, Matthias Grob wrote:

    its actually not MAX but PD and yes I have them... where should I
    put them up?