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RC505 bumps

Hello dear loopers,

just bought this device, had read the manual before and really thought It 
would be the holy Loopers Grail, Since repeater to never made it.
Here is my issue.
I want to make a continuous, non-rhythmic, loop, with pad like sounds. To 
avoid bumping effects, or phase differences between the beginning and the 
of the loop, I start by recording a two second or more silent loop.
Then, I switched to overdubb and record my pad or whatever with a slow 
attack and a slow end so there is no abrupt point in the wave form. The 
result is
a smooth loop with no audible click. This Is an old technique I'm sure 
everyone here knows, and it worked perfectly on the RC2/20.
with the RC505, a bump is heard at loop start no matter what I do,  from 
the moment overdub is engaged.
Before I take it back to the shop, does anyone have an advice for me other than, 
"take it back to the shop" ?
Best regards,