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Re: RC505 bumps , whats the best hardware looper for drone creation??

Hey Bill,

thanks. I remember you From my first exchange with this mailing list years ago. I'll check the Loopers delight Facebook page.

Kind regards,


Le 12/02/2017 à 18:25, bill walker a écrit :
Hello Jean-Phillipe, very nice to see your post here. You might investigate the TC electronic Ditto x 4, Im not sure if it has that loop boundary issue or not, but  unfortunately several of the hardware loopers have this issue. I have  a Pigtronix Infinity which in spite of its great sound and specs, also has this click at loop boundary issue, very annoying.  Does anyone here on the list using the TC loopers have any experience with this? What I like about the Ditto x4 is it has big  tactile knobs ,soft touch switches,  two tracks (though I don’t know how independent they truly are), variable feedback with a dedicated knob, and some cool 1/2 speed  and reverse features. Unless the folks at Pigtronix have found a way to correct this loop boundary click issue, Im not sure what to suggest. You might also want to get on Facebook, and ask this question of the folks on the Loopers delight or Live Looping chat groups. Because of the immediacy of file sharing and communication, many LD people have migrated to FB. I hope your well and if I hear of anything else that might work Ill let you know.
 My Best
 Bill Walker