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Re: Polybass, the cleanest octaver now for Godin and RMC guitars

Matthias - I took a look out of curiosity.  I'm not a Multitac owner so not likely a customer.  However while at it I took at look to see what Paradis Guitars were about and they are gorgeous and unique particularly the design of the one on the opening page.  Love the way the headless concept is on this.

Anyhow props on what you've done.  Hope that you the sooner success you need with the polybass modules and at some point get back to the guitars.

Best to you.


On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 7:23 PM, Matthias Grob <matilists@gmail.com> wrote:

this is loop related because its about me and because the need to produce bass sound with a guitar became much stronger with livelooping.

I confess I have not been working for the Evoloop since Rolf Spuler died in 2014.
I worried about the future of Paradis Guitars and I needed a simpler task to finish and make some money.

so we brought the legendary Polysubbass to the public, after 30 years of exclusivity to Paradis Guitars.
we worked hard to bring down the power consumption to only 4mA from a 9V battery
and make the discrete preamp noise free at such a low consumption - the art of Philipp Scheidegger (used to work for Andreas Vollenweider...)
and we made it compatible with the RMC Polydrive preamp, so you can plug the board into a Godin Multiac with 13pin output without soldering!

you can build it into other guitars, it has all the necessary connectors for potientiometers and we can deliver a output board.


so far all the customers did not just liked the product but were surprised about its quality. it tracks and sounds a lot better than the mono octaver pedals like OC3 !

please spread this news to your friends with Godin Multiacs!
thank you

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