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Re: Boomerang Side Car Owners

What do you mean the boomerang company is no more?

Sent from my iPad

> On Aug 2, 2017, at 6:36 AM, Neil Nappe <tech2@d-v-tech.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Would any of you be willing to help me try to determine the MIDI SysEx 
> protocol used by the Side Car to control the Boomerang III?  It would 
> open up the ability to emulate and combine sidecar functions with 
> buttons/functions on other gear, software programs, etc.  All you'd need 
> is a computer with a MIDI interface and about a half hour or so of your 
> time.  At this point there appears to be no Boomerang Music Company, so 
> that avenue has been a dead end.  I have no commercial interest in this. 
>  I personally need sidecar functionality, but there is zero room for a 
> sidecar on my custom pedalboard.  I need to map those functions to my 
> exisiting arduino-based multi-purpose midi footswitches.  If I could 
> find a reasonably priced Side Car, I'd buy it and not bother anybody, 
> but I'm kind of desperate.  I love my 'rang III. I need the 4th loop, 
> but I can't give up Erase, Undo, or Overdub.  So if this doesn't work, 
> I'll have to go to a s/w looper of some kind with a proper MIDI 
> implementation.
> Thanks for reading.