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Boomerang sidecar

Hey Andy, 
Yes it seems like a hack to sell the sidecar and keep boomerang users from using third-party controllers. While I appreciate that this looper is perfect for a lot of folks, there are too many bad design decisions that make it unusable for me. This is probably the worse of the bunch, as a decent MIDI implementation would've solved many of my problems with the unit.

I didn't test the latency when I had the sidecar, but it didn't seem sluggish in any way. 


p.s. the mailing list seems to be unsubscribing me ever so often for some reason, so I apologize if I miss a message or questions directed at me. Feel free to email me directly if I appear to have missed something you said.

looks like a lot of work there.


...and system that's really rather ugly, ...and catastrophic in the case of a dodgy cable.

All the slowness of the midi protocol, without it's only advantage, it's ubiquity.

Did you sus out the latency?

I'm really disappointed in the company, and feel a bit stupid that I said they weren't
doing exactly this in my review, assuming that they were using a more efficient system than midi
that just happened to run over a midi cable.
They've deliberately de-featured their product in order to sell an expensive midi controller
that can't be used for anything else.

Quite likely they'd have sold more 'rangs if they'd not hamstrung the midi,
it's not as if the Sidecar even offers complete control.