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Question about Mobius OSC Watchers

I’m starting to use OSC Watchers to keep track of things on Mobius with an external osc device but I have some problems with this feature.


From the 2.0 documentation of Mobius:

loopLocation - the current playback location in the loop

loopStart - flashes at the loop start point

loopSubcycle - flashes at the loop start point

loopCycle - flashes at the loop start point

modeRecord - set when the loop is in record mode


I’ve tried all of them and loopStart, loopSubcycle and loopCycle act exactly like the beaters of the Mobius Interface but modeRecord and loopLocation doesn’t work for me.


LoopLocation is the main reason why I’m using osc watchers. I want to use Mobius without a laptop or pc monitor in front of me. I want to use it with an iPad osc controller, and seeing the location of each loop in a continuous way  to see where I am in each loop is crucial for my performance.


I’m using this line just after opening <OscConfig> but it doesn’t work:

<OscWatcher name='loopLocation' path='/1/fader1'/>


Is there any solution for this? I’ve tried everything and searched everywhere (Mobius circular labs forum is down now, so I can’t ask anything there...) but I didn’t found a solution.


Thank you.