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history of looping question: Live Looping Day

I was just curious, I have a loopfest album from 2006, I believe it's
a recording from the Y2K6 loopfest, that mentions October 21 as
International Live Looping Day. However, this was apparently only
celebrated once; in 2006. What exactly is International Live Looping
Day? Did it only happen once, never to happen again? It seems like it
would have happened again in 2016, if the anniversary of Looper's
Delight is indeed the reason for its existence. But it appeared to
happen in 2006, and then it never happened again. Will you clarify
what Live Looping Day is and why it only happened once in history? I
almost asked this question in 2012 but I decided to wait to see if it
would happen in 2016, and it didn't, but now I'm remembering the