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Re: International Live Looping Day 2006 and beyond

Dear Rick,

to my knoweldge, 2006 was in fact the second year the Mayor (Cynthia Matthews) had declared International Live Looping Day:

This proclamation has had a nice place in all of my ministudio locations ever since...

The first year that the Mayor did that (and also gave keys to the city to the festival headliners) was in 2005 - at least you said so:

I remember that this was the case, because I was really envious about that keys to the city thingie back then ;).

Aaah, this brings back memories...



2018-03-04 11:29 GMT+01:00 Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com>:
Per Tyler Zahnke's curiosity (his post is reprinted below),

International Live Looping Day in the City of Santa Cruz has been
proclaimed and celebrated every single year since it began.
Honestly, I can't even remember, offhand,  when
it occurred the first time,  but it has happened at least every year since 2006.

Every single Mayor of Santa Cruz has presented the proclamation which always occurs
on either Saturday or Sunday of the Main Festival which celebrates it's 18th year this coming
October 23-30th.

We have actually taught 3 different mayors how to loop for the first time
in the presence of the audience at the presentation and our headline and featured artists have
received proclamations signed by the Mayor every year until this past year when the Secretary for
the Mayor informed me that she would no longer print up multiple copies for our artists
(she's been doing her job for far too long, mee thinks).

Additionally,  Mayor Emily Reilly gave the KEYS to the CITY of SANTA CRUZ to the headliners
during our 10th Anniversary in 2010.    One of my very proudest personal possessions is one of those

Also,   I'm proud to say that we have now have had affiliated Y2K Loop Festivals in
57 cities in 21 countries and hundreds of artists from the US, Canada, Mexico and around
the world come to perform at the festival.

This past year we achieved, thanks to the hard work of Maha Taitano,  non-profit status
for the festival which will help us to gather donations.    The festival has been ENTIRELY
financed by the donations and good graces of this wonderful international community of
loopers,  looping manufacturers and other generous, generous patrons.

The festival will be , this coming October in the weekend immediately preceding Halloween.

We now march on to our 20th anniversary in 2020!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has made this possible,  not the least the amazing number of live looping
artists who have played for love and no compensation all over the world.

Rick Walker
founder Y2K International Live Looping Festival

Tyler Zahnke  wrote:
I was just curious, I have a loopfest album from 2006, I believe it's
a recording from the Y2K6 loopfest, that mentions October 21 as
International Live Looping Day. However, this was apparently only
celebrated once; in 2006. What exactly is International Live Looping
Day? Did it only happen once, never to happen again? It seems like it
would have happened again in 2016, if the anniversary of Looper's
Delight is indeed the reason for its existence. But it appeared to
happen in 2006, and then it never happened again. Will you clarify
what Live Looping Day is and why it only happened once in history? I
almost asked this question in 2012 but I decided to wait to see if it
would happen in 2016, and it didn't, but now I'm remembering the