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Re: Hardware loopers with the ability to have free-running (unsynched) loops?

Have a look at the DD-20, it may just do what you need: http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/bossDD20/bossDD20.html

I ended doing as Per suggested and using two looping pedals. I picked the Ditto looper because I alread had one on hand and I like its small size. I modified both looper by removing the footswitch and replacing it with a minijack for CV control. I also built a MIDI to CV box to control it. With this setup I can record two loops of different lengths from the same signal (panned left and right) for instant minimalist composition. I can also sync the record and overdub commands to various subdivision of the MIDI clock and control the looper from a MIDI sequencer or a CV source such as my modular synth (see video).


I built this because I couldn't find a looper pedal that allowed me to start recording two loops at the same time, but end recording at different times. This setup has replaced the Infinity on my pedal board (which replaced the Boomerang).

If the Count to  5 pedal were more readily available, I would've bought a second one and modified them in this way...


On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 7:45 AM, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
Or why not simply hook up two looping machines! Then you may give the them different post loop treatmrntcvjj

Den ons 18 apr 2018 12:25Andy Butler <info@andybutler.com> skrev:

'rang iii
On 17/04/2018 19:54, Charles Zwicky wrote:

You can use the half speed function on a per loop basis to raise or lower by an octave.

Sound quality is just a bit off when you do that though. Naive DSP.
( no big effort to do interpolation )

(the Pigtronix shifts the clock frequency, that's why the tracks are locked together)

Don't think anyone mentioned the Looperlative LP1 yet (?)
max 8 loops un-synced or synced,
stereo loop with balance control.

...but really, a mixer and any collection of single loop devices with a dry mute, of which there are a few