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PiNG:06:13:18 > dreamSTATE + byte.observer + at dhé ju + GCV

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WEDNESDAY JUNE 13TH 2018 . PiNG:06:13:18
THE AMBiENT PiNG presents at dhé ju + dreamSTATE +
byte.observer (Noah Weninger) + General Chaos Visuals
@ Handlebar . 159 Augusta Ave . Toronto, ON Canada
(Kensington Market) West of Spadina & North of Dundas
1st set at 8:30pm . $8-10 into the lunchbox on the bar.

.. 8:30 . at dhé ju - http://atdheju.bandcamp.com/

.. 9:30 . dreamSTATE . It's been over a year since dreamSTATE
played the PiNG, and they're returning to lay down some fresh
soundspaces and trippy grooves. They'll also be showing off
their EPHEMERAL DRoNE album - part two of their

.. 10:30 . byte.observer . Noah Weninger is byte.observer,
a computer scientist with a passion for creating confusing
electronic music. His sounds take the listener to blissful alien
worlds composed of intricate details organized strictly via the
computation of strangely behaving mathematical functions.
In the past he has been known for both experimenting with
generative techniques on a small scale and attempting to
compose similarly themed music by hand. However, this
show will feature new techniques capable of generating entire
tracks from code, with human interaction serving mostly as a
source of randomness due to the unpredictability of the
generative system. All of the software used to create the
sounds is freely available under open-source licences on github.
Releases: https://cndpoint.bandcamp.com
Website: https://byte.observer
Code: https://github.com/nwoeanhinnogaehr

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Set-up + Plug-in 7:00pm . Drone Launch 8:00pm . FREE for all

@ the Roland Inspiration Centre . 001-1179 King Street W.
Toronto, (Liberty Village) underground at the S/W corner
of King St W and Fraser Ave (by Lamport Stadium).
*** Enter by the backdoor, from Fraser Ave. via the alleyway.
Everyone is welcome as audience or as droners.


. WEDNESDAY JULY 11TH 2018 . PiNG:07:11:18
Mikrosleep + Geek Weekend + General Chaos Visuals

. WEDNESDAY AUGUST 15TH 2018 . PiNG:08:15:18
THE AMBiENT PiNG's 19th ANNiVERSARY featuring
Weep, O’ Mine Eyes + Whisper Room + General Chaos Visuals

@ Handlebar . 159 Augusta Ave . Toronto, ON Canada
(Kensington Market) W of Spadina & N of Dundas
PiNG doors open at 8:30pm . 1st sets at 9:00 . $8-10

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THE AMBiENT PiNG is a Toronto based creative community of
audio artists, performers, musicians and visual artists. The PiNG
presents live multimedia performances featuring ambient, electronic,
soundscape, space, drone, psychedelic, chillout, downtempo,
darkwave and experimental artists from around the world.

The PiNG also has a Twitter account to send you advance updates
and reminders of the when & where of future PiNG events.
Just search for ambientping to find us. http://twitter.com

We're on facebook too:
or Search for THE AMBiENT PiNG: http://www.facebook.com

ViSiT the ping things store for ambient, electronic and chill things:

Instagrammers - Use the hashtag #ambientping on your PiNG
photos and videos to help document these performances!

Subscribe to the PiNG/URM Mixlr page: http://mixlr.com/urm
for LiVE audio streaming from the PiNG and in-studio
performances featuring THE AMBiENT PiNG community
including URM, dreamSTATE and guests.

A DRONE:KLUB Bandcamp page has been created with
free albums of music to stream, download and share.

The unabridged DRONE:KLUB:07 recording can be streamed at:

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Please forward this e-mail to any interested friends or
appropriate blogs, forums or newsgroups. Thanks.