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Re: Old LP1 upgrade problem

Hi Dennis,

first thing would be to establish what IP your router is on this is normally but this may not always be the case.

for example if the router is the LP1 should look like this:


I used to use IP: (I chose .5 as the laptop would normally take .2 desktop .3 etc.

If using the crossover adapter you have to connect the LP1 directly to the laptop not via the router.

I used to manually set a fixed the IP for a windows machine like this:
Then set the gateway to whatever IP you fixed the laptop to.


IP:   LP1
Gate: laptop

one further tip - clear you browsers cache



On 01/09/2018 00:52, Dennis M wrote:
Hi all,

I've been trying to connect my 2006 LP1 through ethernet directly to my laptop to upgrade the OS via a browser...unfortunately I can't get the connection to work. Here's what I'm doing:

1) Set LP1 as follows from my 1.20 manual:


2) Set laptop ethernet:properties:Internet Protocol Version 4 to the exact same settings as the LP1. 3) Open browser and try to connect with: but it eventually times out. 4) I've tried with both a regular ethernet cable and a crossover cable...no connection. 5) I've also tried letting the laptop dynamically determine the IP, Gate, Netmask...no connection.

I'm going nuts trying to get this simple connection to work with no success.  Am I missing something obvious???