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any lemur experts out there?

i’ve just bought it and have had some success making a simple midi 
template to control some stuff in ableton live

i’m just starting to make a template for my looping rig, which is 
basically mobius hosted in live

i’m fine with creating buttons and faders, but there are a couple of 
things i’d like to add to help with usability, so i don’t have to split my 
attention between the ipad and the laptop screen

i’d like to be able to monitor the audio levels in the ableton tracks on 
the ipad. like this chap has cleverly done here - 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A6X9hkDD04 - i’m not even sure which 
object in lemur is the one to use for that

i’d also like to be able to send info from mobius to the ipad, so i can 
monitor which track is currently selected, perhaps by changing the colour 
of the volume fader for that track, or using an led. other parameters 
might also be useful as well.

i’m guessing i’ll need to use osc for this, but i’m pretty clueless apart 
from that.

anybody out there willing to give me some help?

many thanks!