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CL tape needed to help me with my cancer!

Help!  I have cancer. It is very serious, and I have been very close to death a number of times.  About a week ago, I repeated continuously, before bedtime:
"The cancer cells are dying. Dead cancer cells and their residues are leaving my body."
It's my new Mantra.
The next day I felt incredibly better, a day so good I've not had in many months.
What I need is  a continuous-loop tape  that repeats this to me continuously
all night long, so that my body, and therefore my body cells, can listen to it
while I sleep.  It may very well be the thing that will save my life!
Trying to create such a thing, has been an uphill struggle.  I got rid of all of my
VCR's about six months ago, that were capable of playing up to six hours of audio, continuously.  About half of the VCR's out there SHUT DOWN if there is no video accompanying the audio.  "No signal here..."
I then remembered that I have a 1960's boom box.  I got it out, and it works fine.
All I have to do now, is to make the tape!  I chose C-60 instead of C-90 cassettes,
as they are more reliable with the heavy (thicker) tapes. 
But sitting there for an hour repeating this mantra to make the tape, was a daunting challenge.  Especially as weak as I am right now.
But I looked, and behold, I found a TDK-C  twenty second answering machine tape,
that I could use to make the master-mantra tape!  Unfortunately, these tapes don't last
long, as the sliding pull-through mechanism that twists the tape 90 degrees, wears the oxide off of the tape!  (Which in turn creates loud clicks and pops in the output.
I hoped that this continuous-loop tape was new enough as not to be "full of holes" like this.  And that for the half-hour of running time, it would not wear much worse.  Well,
there are several short gaps in the oxide, creating LOUD CLICKS & POPS interspersed with the mantra.
These are so loud that it is hard to sleep with it running at sufficient volume to hear and understand the words.  (Being nearly deaf doesn't help much either. The cancer has destroyed my entire left ear.)
So I was searching the internet desperately (on ebay and amazon) for a new OGM (Out Going Message) tape, and sure enough, I found some!  They are about $12.  All set to send away for one, and hope that it would "run clean" long enough for me to record a half-hour mantra, I ran across something else.
It was another type of Countinuous-Loop (CL) tape.  The case was clear, so I could see what was inside.  To my astonishment (listed somewhere as "obsolete tape media"), that it had half-a dozen small reels or wheels in it, to zig-zag the tape back and forth, in it's continuous-loop!
This would be perfect, because there is (1) no sliding of the tape to wear off the oxide coating, and (2) no ninety-degree twisting of the tape as it runs!  How then, and where, can I ever get one of these things?
This is exactly what I need, because if would not be a one-time-use CL tape!
A 20-second TDK CL tape must run through 180 "passes" to fill one side of a C-60
1-hour tape! (360 passes if you use the CL tape to make both sides of the Master
mantra tape. 
I think I finally found out where to send this to get it into the forum.
I'm trying (Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com).
I'm just hoping that someone will see this in time to save, perhaps my life!
But I think in desperation I will just go ahead and order one the TDK sliding tapes
so that I can make a decent master-mantra tape NOW, and then later buy one of the
re-usable (zig-zag) CL tapes as desribed above, if I can.  
Thanks for helping me if you can.  (I'll try posting this at the eddress below.)
Norman Swartz 928-757-HELP.
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