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2019 Texas LoopFest!

Greetings Loopers!

After a break to reorganize and get settled, the Texas LoopFest is back!   www.texasloopfest.com

We have one confirmed venue and are in negotiations for more!   We're running March 12 through the 17th in San Antonio, Texas.

We've got door prizes from Option Knob and D'addario and pedals to raffle off from Electro-Faustus, Henretta Engineering, and Morley Pedals!  

Applications are open now!  First confirmed performer is The Winkler from Houston, TX.

March in Texas is a great time. It's Contemporary Art Month in San Antonio and SXSW just up the road in Austin.   We're looking forward to a great year and hope you'll join us in person, online, or at least support our efforts by liking and sharing our FB page and event.


Applications are live on the site.  

Thank you for your time.


Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209