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Re: Mobius in Mavericks 10.9.4

Oh darn I misread, because I read too quickly.  Probably doesn't apply here; thought you wrote "Mojave". 

Argh, sorry! But do check permissions on any folders or files to which Mobius is trying to write. 

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On  23 March 2019, at 23:28 PM, Joshua Fried <radiowonderland@icloud.com> wrote:

Sometimes have to give 'full disk access' or something in System prefs > security & privacy > privacy 

jo s  h    u        a
SEiZE the MEANS out now on clang
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On  23 March 2019, at 22:12 PM, Amy X Neuburg <amyx@isproductions.com> wrote:

Trying to upgrade my rig somewhat… I’ve got Mobius 1.45 running in Mavericks but it won’t save any of my changes. Anyone encountered this?
Is there some file I am missing?
Cannot upgrade system right now for various reasons.


Amy X Neuburg