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Boss RC-300 looper reverse and half speed?

In looking at the specs of this it seems to indicate it' does reverse but I can't find info on exactly how this works. A few questions:

- Is there any way to do reverse from the existing Foot pedals or a button on the stock  unit? Or do you HAVE to hook up an external foot switch? 

- When doing reverse, does it affect only one of the three "tracks" or does it reverse all of them? 

- Can the unit do "half speed" like the old EH 16 or even Line6 DL4? If so how? (ie: does it need an external foot switch or can one of the stock footswtich buttons do this?) 

Kind of bummed they got rid of the SD card thing especially given it's and non battery powered and how large  it is but it seems like it is a simple bread and butter looper with some sprinkles if you want to get programming. I'm just trying to figure out if it'll do the old school stuff and , if so, how.

Thanks for any/all help!