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Re: Repeater and more for sale

Looking for a cheap fully functional 12 Step or “equivalent” to do midi chord changes via Ableton/Push 2 

Cheers :)

Torben Scharling

On 7 Feb 2020, at 21.03, Clifford Novey <cnovey@gmail.com> wrote:

Offering here first. $500 plus shipping/fees. Works fine. Some buttons and sliders scratchy from sitting. Use them and they will bounce back. Power supply included is OEM and bought from a list member a few years ago. 

I also have an RS7000 that needs a few 47uf caps but works fine has expansion i/o installed- $500, 2 Electrix EQ killers $200ea, Korg ES-1 make offer, M-Audio trigger finger $100, Korg kaoss pad trigger $100, Roland JV-1680 some nice cards installed and full RAM $500, Roland SP-555 mint make offer, Roland SP-303 w card $350, Casio MG-500 MIDI guitar bad ass funky design $1200 OBO, Fender 60th anniv Jazz bass mint. active p/u etc., TC Finalizer Express $100, In storage I also have an original max mem JamMan w foot pedal- a true piece of history, an Electrix Filter Factory, Mo-FX, Warp Factory and a few other things like nice mics and Neve preamps. Contact me off list for pics, questions, offers, etc. All items are located in Los Angeles or Palm Springs areas and can arrange to meet in person if requested.

clifford at clifford novey d o t c o m