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Re: almost 24 years...

Hi David, 
great to hear from you. I'm still here since 2002, I've never get out the group. 
While you mentioned the 2011 LD compilation..., there are other LD CDs on bandcamp, why don't we put that there too ?
Check here: https://livelooping.bandcamp.com/


Il giorno lun 15 giu 2020 alle ore 04:19 Art Simon <simart@gmail.com> ha scritto:
I'm listening to the soundcloud now, loved the subtle rhythmic loop guitar on 18 11 18 and 18 8 18. Nice!

I'm amazed whatever server this maiinglist runs on is still plugged in and operating.

On Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 5:24 PM Ted Killian <tedkillian@charter.net> wrote:
Hello David!

Yeah, some of us old timers are still here.

I joined sometime in the fall of ’96 just after purchasing the 2 EDPs that I used until just about 10 years ago.

I sold them off and went software looping on a laptop for a few years.

But now I’m back to using a variety of hardware loopers software.

It never stays the same and never gets old.

Best regards,

Ted Killian

1811 Patrick Street
Medford, OR 97504-4775
(Mobile) 541-890-6225
(email) tedkillian@charter.net
(web) tedkillian.com

> On Jun 14, 2020, at 5:01 PM, david kirkdorffer <unstrungone@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello Loopers of the World!
> It's awesome this list has been going for almost a quarter of a century.
> I've not posted on the list for a while, preferring to be a lurker.
> But I wanted to check in. see if any of the old gang are still here....
> I'm Still using my two white Echoplex's purchased in the big "group buy" I organized in 1998.
> Picture of my current UNDO looping rig, here: https://bit.ly/3e5TwL0
> Most recently I've been enjoying more computer-based music, for example:
> Um, I think so..? https://bit.ly/3fsuLc9
> From the Loopers Delight Compilation CD IV, 2011
> 090909 - https://soundcloud.com/undomusic/090909a
> Free download on Soundcloud.
> Peace to you.
> David

Art Simon