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LiveLoopMusic.com for sale - all profits to live music

Hi all.  Hope this message finds you well and safe.

I currently own the domains LiveLoopMusic.com and LiveLoopMusic.org and am considering parting ways with them.  Because of live looping's growth on the internet since COVID-19, I would happily put them up for auction online, but wanted those on this list to have a first go at them in case that would help any of your current musical projects or pursuits in a hassle-free fashion that didn't incur a lot of selling fees on either end.  Private domain transfers are relatively easy and hassle-free, and in my experience much easier than going through domain brokers.

I estimate that my costs on each (having attached various security layers and services through my provider) are in the vicinity of US$250 total over the five years I've had them, but I have seen far larger estimates on their value through my domain provider's auction site (the way the virtual market is exploding, I would not be surprised to see them sell for $1000-5000 each, but it's very volatile and frankly whoever the top buyer would be probably won't put them to very good use, so that's not a major motivation at the moment).  Please email me directly (MikeWhy@WhyMikeWhy.com) if interested and we can work it out.  Feel free to include any information about your projects, intended use, best offer or budget limitations, and anything else that would help me decide.  I think it makes better sense for them both to go to the same person for continuity's sake, but I would hear you out if only one made sense.

Almost forgot -- 100% of what you pay will be forwarded to continue to seed my current main project, PHILLTER, which is getting ready to move forward with some initiatives to help bring live music back to our planet with a focus on engaging mass audiences and educating students and musicians about the fusion of music and technology through live looping (recent press: http://tinyURL.com/PHILLTERatTRAF61).

Finally, please don't forward this message, as I am offering any "buddy deals" to people who are current live loopers only.

- Mike Yanchak (Mike Why) // Pittsburgh, PA, US


vocals | beatbox | live loops
Mike Why