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PiNG LiVE iN SPACE 16 - Drone Day w. dreamSTATE + Friends - Sat. May 28 . 9PM . ET

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THE PiNG LiVE iN SPACE 16 . Drone Day
with dreamSTATE, Anne Sulikowski, Northumbria,
Jaja, Intrepita, Beau Lukes, and URM
Saturday May 28th . 9pm ET . FREE

.. This will be dreamSTATE's 9th Drone Day performance for
their favourite holiday! Scott M2 and Jamie Todd get outside
with their electronics to weave new ambient drones and layers
of sound and vision. Warm up with a listen to their very first
Drone Day performance from May 10th, 2014 at:

.. Ambient scientist Anne Sulikowski creates atmospheres
and textured environments that effectively engage, connect
and transport the listener to imaginary places. Armed with guitars,
synths and a vast collection of guitar pedals, Anne is not afraid of
experimenting in the studio. As a composer she paints with tone,
arranging not only the setting, but a plot that evokes a wide range
of emotions within the listener.  https://annesulikowski.com

.. Northumbria (Jim Field and Dorian Williamson) are a two-piece
instrumental band based out of Toronto and Northumberland
County. Using primarily Electric Guitar and Bass, and recording
live, Northumbria create a lush soundscape built upon layers of live
improvised drones and melodies, augmented by Jim Field's vast
array signal processing. Combining elements of Drone, Dark
Ambient and Metal. Jim's background as leader of the Toronto-based
Darkwave act Rhea's Obsession, and their combined past
membership in the instrumental band Holoscene, synthesize to
bring elements of Gothic ambience and Post-Rock grandiosity
into the sound of Northumbria. With six full-length albums released,
including a trilogy based on the ancient Norse exploration of
Canada for the esteemed Dark Ambient label Cryo Chamber, live
performances in Toronto, Montreal, Boston and New York and an
upcoming journey to Norway to perform at Midgardsblot Metal Festival,
Northumbria continue to evolve and expand their sound and reach.

..Jaja (aka Jana Rockstroh): Since 2009, Jaja has composed
unconventional electronic music full of atmospheres and little
surprises. Her sound defines Space Ambient and the results
range from space music to contemporary Ambient. She plays
and arranges everything live with her synthesizers - the Roland
JD-800 and Roland XV-88. Every live recording becomes a
deep space exploration while Jaja captures the inner moods
and the visions of a sonic universe.
http://www.jajamusic.space   https://jaja.bandcamp.com

.. Intrepita is electronic musician and photographer Paul Stillwell.
In addition to solo works and performances, Paul is 1/2 of the duo
Not Your Average Worker Bees with David Sutherland (Simple
Sineman) and a longtime member of the Canadian Electronic
Ensemble (the longest continuously performing electronic music
ensemble in the world).  Musically, his style favours Dark Ambient
and Berlin school with an emphasis on improvisation and
experimentation.  He is also the founder and curator for
Toronto's monthly synthesizer and electronic music
workshop, Frequency Freaks.  https://linktr.ee/intrepita

.. Beau Lukes (The Eclipse Project) has played Didgeridoo and
hand percussion, combined with big billowy meditative synth work
for the past 25 years. His life long love of nature also has made for
many years of meandering around the woods with a field recorder,
capturing the sounds of the forest, and often get embedded in music.
His goal is to make visceral emotional connections to listeners that
make them feel better and more connected to whatever they might
be out of touch with internally.  https://www.eclipsemusicproject.com

.. .. URM is the solo project of Jamie Todd, a Toronto based
Canadian electronic artist who is also an active member in the
dreamSTATE, SADU and NOiNO ambient and experimental music
projects. Jamie first became entangled in the wires of electronic
music in 1983 as a founding member of the new wave synth pop
project Modern Times (MX) and soon after in 1986 began plugging
in with Canadian electronic pioneers Radio Silence.

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Sunday June 26th 2022 . THE PiNG LiVE iN SPACE 17
presents Wally Jericho + more TBA
@ https://www.twitch.tv/ambientping
9pm ET . FREE

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

CALL FOR WORKS: Submit your live ambient, chill, space,
or experimental soundscape videos for a future PiNG iN SPACE.

If you want to perform and be a part of the PiNG streams, let
booking@theambientping.com know and we'll send you the details.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

THE AMBiENT PiNG is a Toronto based creative community of
audio artists, performers, musicians and visual artists. The PiNG
presents live multimedia performances featuring ambient, electronic,
soundscape, space, drone, psychedelic, chillout, downtempo,
darkwave and experimental artists from around the world.

The PiNG also has a Twitter account to send you advance updates
and reminders of the when & where of future PiNG events.
Just search for ambientping to find us. http://twitter.com

We're on facebook too:
or Search for THE AMBiENT PiNG: http://www.facebook.com

AMBiENT PiNG Bandcamp page:

DRONE:KLUB Bandcamp page:

AMBiENT PiNG YouTube channel:

AMBiENT PiNG LiVE streams:

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Please forward this e-mail to any interested friends or
appropriate blogs, forums or newsgroups. Thanks.