The World's First Compilation of Loop Music

Back in 1995, Matthias Grob (who invented the Paradis LoopDelay, predecessor to the Oberheim Echoplex) started collecting recordings of international looping musicians, planning to release a CD with loop based music. He soon found however that organizing and financing a loop CD without Internet communication (at this time, very few loop musicians were online) was too difficult, so this project was never realized.

In September 1996, Kim Flint started Looper's Delight. The mailing list grew quickly, and the idea to make a loop music CD together resurfaced very soon. On 22 October 1996, Ray Peck offered to "put together a comp CD of listfolk", and the Looper's Delight CD project was born. Ray compiled and mastered the submissions, defined the track sequence, designed the CD cover, and on the 14th September 1998, the CD was finally finished.

Looper's Delight Subscriber's CD No. 1 is the first ever CD compilation of loop based music.

It contains loop music of eleven very different musicians and groups from several countries (among them Matthias Grob), and it gives a good idea of the scope of music that can be based on loops - the tracks range from ambient sound clouds to virtuous acoustic guitar improvisations and avantgarde twelve-tone music.

Please also check out the Looper's Delight CD vol 2. Vol 2 features 22 tracks from loop based musicians on the Looper's Delight list.

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