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vincent zorn
Location:santa barbara, california
Phone Number:8055680198
Email Address(es):music@vincentzorn.com
Website URL(s):http://www.vincentzorn.com
Projects/Ensembles:Last Caravan, American Gipsy Project
Instruments:Flamenco Guitar, Boomerang + Phrase Sampler, Crate tx50 DB
Looping Gear:Boomerang + Phrase Sampler
Influences:Gipsy Kings - Jesse Cook - Willie & Lobo - Latcho & Andrea - Manitas De Plata
Musical Style:Flamenco Rumba - Mediteranean Guitar - Gipsy
Recordings Available:Last Caravan - Original American Gypsy Music, Vincent Zorn - Reflections
Vincentís profound guitar work unites the fire of Flamenco, sophistication of Jazz, and the relaxed sensuality of Bossa Nova together into a rich and edgy gypsy sound.

Vincent Zorn's sound has been likened to a combination of Nouveau Flamenco Artist's Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, Willie & Lobo, Rumba Super-Group The Gipsy Kings, & Legendary Flamenco Guitarist Manitas De Plata - Laid-back, vibrantly romantic, instrumental compositions enhance any event and invites guests to enjoy a positive, uplifting exprience.

Self taught from the age of eleven, Vincent has studied in Spain, Turkey, and currently in Mexico three times a year to develop his unique right hand percussive technique that uses the sound-board of the guitar as a percussive instrument with various strumming styles, rhythm's, and taps.

'As I am mainly a guitarist, my compositions are rooted in that instrument. However, melodically, I think my playing stems from more of a singers perspective. Guitarists can get very wrapped up in the technicality of the instrument, forgetting that the the basis of any great song lies within the melody. I compose with this in mind. That is why my compositions generally feature very simplistic melodic themes rather than complex melodic passages that focus on the mechanics and technicalities of the guitar.'

As co-founder and co-writer of Flamenco-Dance band Last Caravan (1997-2000), Vincent Zorn has toured extensively throughout California playing Large outdoor Festivals such as: The California State Fair, Bill Graham's Mountain Aire Music Festival, The High Sierra Music Festival, The Bear Valley Music Festival, The Chico World Music Festival, and every restaurant, coffee shop, club, & college in Northern & Southern California - from Humboldt to Hollywood.

Currently you can find Vincent in Santa Barbara, California were he performs regularly at two popular bistros, and at many private events.

To Book Vincent for your next event, please call or email: 805-568-0198


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