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Location:Jonathan Byerly
Email Address(es):fnothing@mindspring.com
Website URL(s):soon
Projects/Ensembles:Nothing, Noise Gate
Instruments:Saxaphone, Electric sax, Voice, African Percussion
Looping Gear:Boomerang+, RC-20, Boss & Electro-harmonix pedals, Two digitech superharmony machines.
Influences:Trying to get over under the influence..Traditional African Musics, Hindustani and Carnatic Music, Gorecki,
Early Mahavishnu and every footstep of Miles between '68 & '71.
Musical Style:Hendrix, Mahavishnu, Carnatic singers playing with Staind and Tool.
Recordings Available:CD's: Grassy Knoll, Rituel, Meridiem, Overdriven Cultists, and Backstep Forward.
I record four bar sonically interesting rhythmic phrases on the RC-20 the add 'A' and 'B' harmonic movements with the Boomerang+. The four bar RC20 foundations tend to be African, Tibetan, Hindustani, Balinese, or ancient Chinese in nature.I have an expanding repertoire of 15 songs that are very differant every time I play them because of the building block, no-undo, nature of my live playing. No midi shit or sequencing for me, thank you.
The CD's that I buy these days are east Indian music, Tim Berne,Tool, Tibbetts, Staind and whatever good quality recordings I can find of '68-'71 Miles, and '70-'73 Mahavishnu. Is there anything else out there? I have all the Hendrix there is. Most of the free-improv scenes which I was part of ended in a jerk of self-indulgence. M-Base turned out to be more of an illusion than harmolodics.
The threads of new are elusive and unmarketed; at this contracted stage of a 'safe and secure America,' they exist out of pure love.

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