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Location:New York City (Main Loc.)
Franchises in Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Connecticut
Phone Number:(718) 832-0835
Email Address(es):info@bunnybrains.net
Website URL(s):http://www.bunnybrains.net
Projects/Ensembles:BunnyBrains, Invaders From Sears, GO-Fi, Beme Seed, Fish Fish, The Ashlars of Newtown, Chick'n Duty Faggit, Closet Full Of Fear, Buick From Hell, Thalidomide & The One-Armed Mongoloids, and more...
Instruments:Guitars, Basses, Synths, Samplers, Drums, Percussion, Cello, Violin, Piano, Organs, Vocals, Household Objects, Toys, Various Doohickeys, Whatever...
Looping Gear:?F?|Reel to Reel Decks, Cassette Decks, Turntables, Old Analog Echo Pedals, Roland SpaceChorusEcho, 3x Digitech 8sec delays, 1x Digitech 4sec delay, 4x Digitech 2sec delays, DOD 24 sec. DelaySampler, 2x Digitech TSR24s (12 second Delay), Electrix Mo-FX, 2x Line6 Guitar Pods, Roland Dr. Sample, Roland Groove Sampler, Mirage Sampler, Vestax 8 sec Sampler, Bias Peak software on Mac G3 and G4 computers
Influences:Butthole Surfers, Happy Flowers, Flipper, Spacemen 3, Eno (glam period), our friends' bands...
Musical Style:Cute, Scary, Noisy, Fun, Tasteless, Disturbing
Recordings Available:BunnyBrains - Sin Gulls (Goring St. Eddy) 1988-1998 [Menlo Park]
BunnyBrains - Show Me The Bunny [BunnyBrains]
BunnyBrains - Pink Bag [Matador]
BunnyBrains - Beach Bunny Bingo [Now Sound]
BunnyBrains - Bunny Magick [BlackJack]
BunnyBrains - CD*93 [LHG]
BunnyBrains - Double LP [TPOS]
Invaders From Sears - Basic Fish Architecture [odi]
Invaders From Sears - Reasons To Buy Cheese [odi]
Invaders From Sears - Fork Yer Porker EP [odi]
GO-Fi - Feel Free [odi]
Beme Seed - The Future Is Attacking [Blast First]
Beme Seed - Lights Unfold [No. 6]
Beme Seed - Purify [No.6]
Thalidomide & The One Armed Mongoloids - Vaginal Blood Fart [odi]
Thalidomide & The One Armed Mongoloids - Marvin Gaye, A Father's Day Salute! [odi]
We've been incorporating loops in our music on stage and radio and on tapes/discs for 16 years now, but a pure looping live show side-project band is in the works. Stay tuned at http://www.bunnybrains.net for more info.

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