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Paul Walters - Stick
Location:Richmond, VA
Email Address(es):grandstick@gmail.com
Website URL(s):http://www.paulwalters.net
Projects/Ensembles:Soloist - Chapman Stick
Instruments:Chapman XG Grand Stick, NS Design 5-string cello, Godin xtSA guitar, guitars, ukulele, mandolin, voice (natural and HEAVILY processed!), recorder (Tenor & Soprano, ditto as voice), fretted and fretless bass, various hand percussion (usually until my hands are raw...)
Looping Gear:Apple Logic Pro 9, Mainstage 2, eBow, Boss SE-70, SE-50 & VF-1 multieffects, DigiTech TSR-24S, Alesis Nanoverb, Behringer FCB-1010, AXON AX-50 Guitar/MIDI/USB, Boss FV50 stereo volume pedals, Audix OM-5 mic, Shure SM57 mic.
Influences:Who hasn't influenced me?... Sting, Jeff Lynne (ELO), Beethoven, Jocelyn Pook, Jim Schreck, Annie Lennox, DT, RF, Pat Metheny, Michael Hedges, Jim Schreck, Phil Keaggy, Jobim, Joel T. Johnson, The Blue Nile, Van Morrison, Allan Holdsworth, every Stick player I have ever run across! Chet Baker/Miles Davis, Jeremy Davenport, John Taverner...
Musical Style:Jazz/Folk/Rock/Pop/Classical/World Beat/New Age ... if it lives and breathes, I'll find it in my bag.
Recordings Available:Paul Walters - Chapman StickŪ
Paul Walters - Spring
Paul Walters - Do Animals Meditate
The Call - Spirit's Call - Stick/acoustic guitars/vocals

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