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Rick Walker's Loop.pooL
Location:Santa Cruz, California
Phone Number:831 425 8659
Email Address(es):rickwalker@looppool.info
Website URL(s):http://www.looppool.info
Projects/Ensembles:My solo looping project Loop.pooL

WALKERS, a looping/electronica duet project with my brother Bill

VERMIN CIRCUS an abstract electronica/pop project that I'll be starting in the fall of 2003.

Promoting the International Live Looping movement by producing
Live Looping Tours and Festivals including the world's largest such event, the Y2K_ Live Looping Festival in late summers in Santa Cruz, California.
Instruments:Mostly found and invented sounds and Voice
2 AKG C1000s microphones with the ultra cartoid pattern
Yamaha WX5 midi wind synth controller (to play loop pitches in Repeater)
Professor Television PHOTO THEREMIN (which I endorse)
Melodica, Sonica (60's strange tone instrument),flutes, recorders,
mizmars, zurna, saz, ud, sentir, guitaron,hammer dulcimer, bowed psaltery,autoharp, hurdy gurdy, marxaphone,mandolin, berimabau, gopichand, bau (vietnamese one string instrument), too many drumset drums and cymbals, over a 1,000 traditional percussion instruments from all over the world and many invented percussion instruments
Fender self customized P-J 4 string bass guitar
Custom 3/4 scale bass
Japanese Beatle bass copy
Ashbory silicon string mini bass
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Trashocaster
Mattel Synsonics toy guitar (my favorite prepred guitar)
EMU Audity rhythm synthesizer with David Fitzpatrick custom sound banks installed (very hip and edgy industrial sounds)
A large collection of toy instruments and found objects
ALESIS QRS synthesizer
EMU ESI4000 Sampler
Akai S950 Sampler (archaic but with a great set of drum sounds).
Looping Gear:2 GIBSON EDP + Echoplexes (which I heartily endorse for Gibson)
1 ELECTRIX Repeater
2 LINE 6 DL-4s
1 P4 1.3 mgzh PC computer with ACID 4.0 , Tu2 (Tuareg), Fruity Loops Pro, Granulab

live processors:
DIGITECH VOCAL 300........my main processor of acoustic found sounds and voice
Electrix Mo FX
Electrix WARP FACTORY (vocoder)
Alesis INEKO (dweeby but incredibly fun sound mangler)
Lexicon MPX500 multi effects
a zillion analogue stomp box pedals
Influences:probably the single strongest influence has been the music of my brother, Bill Walker but.........

any repetitive, trancey and grooving music from history...........
from Terry Riley to Steve Reich to Brian Eno to West African Dance music to Roots Reggae to Middleastern music to American funk, soul and R&B to hard rock to Punk/New Wave to the Cure to Nine Inch Nails to Industrial Music to Electronica (Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Autechre) to trip hop (Tarwater, DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Portishead) to current pop (Bjork,Radiohead,Coldplay) to the music of my wife, singer songwriter, Christine Wedertz, the music of Michael Haumesser (Not Michael) and the many many loopers I've had the privilege of playing with in the US, Europe and the UK (just too many to mention here, but I've been inspired by and steal from all of them.............LOL.
Musical Style:You'll have to ask someone else that question or visit my website.
I'm very into sound and rhythm, repition, trance and psychedelia.

I also love improvising with anyone regardless of stylistic
boundaries. I love going out on the edge and remaining well outside the box..............except when I do a 70's hardfunk dance show........lol
Recordings Available:Loop.pooL (debut CD of abstract electronica) 2001
TRANSLUCENT DAYGLO LIME GREEN PLASTIC (a live looping CD culled from 50 shows in the last three years) 2002
a tentative EP of live tracks from the summer tour (notably the entire show of the 1st Florence Live Looping Festival) due in late fall 2003 a 2nd full length CD of abstract electronica PURPLE HAND due in early winter 2003
I just completed a two and a half month solo headlining live looping tour of
8 countries in Europe and the British Isles perfoming at 1st of a kind looping Festivals in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Belfast, Swansea, Cambridge, Paris, Koln, Berlin, Radolfzell, Milan, Florence and Lago di Garda. It was amazing to connect with many of the creme de la creme of the European and UK looping artists and actually have the privilige of performing with them improvisatorily. I have returned inspired and eager to start on my next CD of abstract electronica (and possibly an EP/CD of the best live bits from my tour) this winter.

I also have tentative plans to do a tour of Northern Mexican cities in February 2004 in a trio with Luis Angulo (the wonderful Mexican national looper who lives with his beautiful family in Radolfzell, Germany) and Claude Voit (another amazing guitarist who has done some groundbreaking looping work with the EDP, who lives in Lucerne, Switzerland).

Also, my world fusion group, Worlds Collide has been chosen to be a featured group at the prestigious Festival D'Ete in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada in Summer 2004.
Four of five members of the group are live looping artists of some sophistication (Bill Walker, Daniel Thomas,Gary Regina and moi) and we have been hired to present
various aspects of live looping to this festival. We will also be doing solo, duo and trio sets everyday and will be backing a large number of master musicians from all over the planet.

I did this gig a few years ago with the Bob Brozman group (all acoustically at the time) and it was an amazing experience. We are all tremendously excited about the prospects.

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