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Dave Scandurra 'One Scan Band'
Location:Earth, Massachusetts
Email Address(es):dscandurra@yahoo.com
Website URL(s):http://www.myspace.com/davescandurra
Projects/Ensembles:many different projects
Instruments:I play Drums, Bass, Guitar and Vocals. 1965 Ludwig set, 5 string G&L Bass, Carvin Custom guitar tuned all the way up in fourths with a MIDI pickup and vocal harmonies
Looping Gear:right now I'm feeding all of these instruments into a mixer which leads into my Boss RC-20 Loop Station.
Influences:I am influenced by everything and everybody! but if you want to be specific, musically...Stevie Wonder, Take 6, Squarepusher, Coltrane, Victor Wooten, Steeley Dan, Earth Wind & Fire, Soulive, Keller Williams, Frank Zappa, John Scofield, New York Voices, Manhattan Transfer, Bobby McFerrin, George Benson, John Hendricks, Astral Project, New Orleans music, Barbershop, the great Jazzers, EVERYTHING!
Musical Style:My musical style is very unique. But to categorize it, it would be Earthy/Lefty/Funky/jazzy/a-capella/fat pocket grooves/heavily based on improvisation and soul
Recordings Available:check out my myspace!
My main vision for the future of my looping music is to find other loopers who want to work together to create something amazing. I want to start working with other people who share the same creative vision and start a project that is based on the idea of creating, manipulating and improvising nothing short of incredible music on stage. I'm all about good, honest music with a positive, progressive, revolutionary message. 'revolutionary music'

hit me up if interested in the movement!

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