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John Wieczorek
Location:Poughkeepsie, NY
Phone Number:914-266-8695
Email Address(es):evening@ulster.net
Projects/Ensembles:'Uji' - improvisational world music trio w/ Steve Gorn (bansuri, saxaphone, clarinet & other winds), Jason Finkleman (Afro-Brazilian & found percussion).
'Janus Vieczore' - solo electro/acoustic loops - dark, ambient, rhythm enviroments
Instruments:Middle Eastern (tar, riq, dumbek) & North/South Indian Percussion ( tabla, kanjira, ghatam), various cymals, shakers, bells & the like.
Electronic Percussion ( DrumKat w/ Ensoniq MR Rack) Drum Set
Keyboards, Guitar, Bass & Chapman Stick as well
Looping Gear:Oberheim EDP, Ensoniq DP4, Ensoniq DP Pro (2), Lexicon Vortex, Boomerang, Ensoniq ASR-10R, ADAT, PPC Clone running Max & Studio Vision.
Influences:World Music, Laswell, Eno, Hassel, Miles, Mclaughlin, Coltrane, Rypdal and most ECM. Sheepishly sounding more like Hassel than I like to admit. Drum wise: My teachers Glen Velez, & Pdt. Samir Chatterjee. The music of Colin Walcott (RIP), Trilok Gurtu, Jack DeJohnette, Ronald Shannon Jackson, & Paul Motian. Also, when I was just learnin', Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) & Frank beard (ZZ TOP) both of those guys were funky/jazzy as hell in their early days (before drugs & the music industry turned them into '4 on the Floor' zombies).
Musical Style:as above - improvised, world-music-influenced percussion, electro/acoustic loops - dark, ambient, enviroments
Recordings Available:Daikaijo - 'One Way Ticket' soundtrack funky, Zen jazz quartet ( I play drum set on this)
Janus Vieczore 'Descent' - rhythm-less dark ambient experimental.
Always interested in collaborations with other artists, either live or by tape.
Call or email if you're interested.

'things are not as they seem, nor are they otherwise' - unknown Zen teacher

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