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Shawn McBride
Location:Riverside, CA
Email Address(es):shawn_mcbride@sbcglobal.net
Website URL(s):myspace.com/shawnsmusic
Projects/Ensembles:-Solo project (self-named)
-Two Man Bandit- Bass/Drum duo featuring live improv w/loops
-Red Light Jazz- A 6 piece jazz group in Riverside, CA
-Sovory& Sovory- recently joined as a bassist in this group, more details soon :)
Instruments:Primary instrument- Bass (electric)
Other instruments I play include upright bass, low brass (trombone to tuba), melodica, guitar, keyboards, requinto, and various other odd instruments
Looping Gear:Digitech JamMan
note- I pre-record many tracks using Sony's Acid Pro and dump them on to the card
Influences:Bob Marley, Victor Wooten, Stevie Wonder, King Tubby, D'Angelo, Sly and the Family Stone, Stanley Clarke, Air, Beck
Musical Style:Loop-based improv music with tastes of funk, soul, hip hop, latin, rock, and reggae

Recordings Available:Nothing yet- soon though!
I enjoy putting on live shows with loops, mainly because as a bassist, there are few opportunities to play 'busy' because a steady bass line needs to keep the flow going. The pedal allows me to set up a solid groovin' bass line, and then begin to build chord forms or solos around them, all on the spot for the audience. In time, I would like to find out other 'loop groups' out there, and possibly put on more shows with my drum/bass project Two Man Bandit.

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