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Joanna Grammon
Location:Columbia River Gorge
Email Address(es):jgrammon@gorge.net
Website URL(s):http://www.joannagrammon.com
Projects/Ensembles:Singer, songwriter & percussionist making a variety of loop-based musics. Current working alone, but have been in a number of rock, funk, jazz and world music groups, including a few experimental ensembles, since 1973. I love to let my voice fly.
Instruments:Voice, loops, keyboard, conga, melodica, some electric bass. 4-track recorder and computer used to layer my own .wav files with license-free samples.
Looping Gear:ACID, Sonar and Plasm by Cakewalk, n-tracks, effects unit with echo, phase shifter, etc.
Influences:Ursula Dudziak, Flora Purim, Robert Fripp, Herbie Hancock, Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Obo Addy, Jimi Hendrix and my nephew.
Musical Style:Very eclectic. Influences include jazz, Latin, world music with emphasis on percussion, experimental electronica, film scores and musique concrete.
Recordings Available:CD's available through my website. Partial and full-length sample .mp3's are also posted on my site.
For about six years now, I have been making music in my home studio while still doing an occasional live performance, everything from jazz duo gigs at gallery openings to operatic recitals, but not my experimental stuff. My computer music is getting further out there all the time, and is actually pretty genreless (or maybe all over the map, literally). I love to hear new things, and although I sometimes add my voice, much of what I am currently doing is going in other directions. Percussion is the basic building block; I love layers and layers of sound. It would be fun to experiment with other musicians doing similar things.

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