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James Moore
Projects/Ensembles:Twitterpatters Project, Heart Strings Group, Jimmie Mac and the Louisiana Yams Blues Group, Smell the Earth Blues Group, solo projects
Instruments:G&L Strat 1985 model, Ibanez 4-String Electric Bass, 1972 Gibson SG, Alvarez Artist Acoustic Guitar, Silvertone Archtop Acoustic, Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, other Taylors and acoustic Gibsons...
Looping Gear:Line 6 Delay Pedal (the green-colored one)Boss Stereo Delay Pedal,Boss ME5-Pedalboard,Roland GR-33 Unit, Volume Pedal,Tascam PortaStudio, lotsa pedals, Sony ACID Labs software for Windows, Ampeg PortaFlex,Rogue 30-Watt Bass Amp, Shure SM 57 mike
Influences:Robert Fripp, David Gilmour,Porcupine Tree, Adrian Belew,Pink Floyd, CSN, Zappa, Hendrix, Vai, Satch,Neil,Coltrane, Mingus, Miles, Stevie Ray, Muddy, Harvey Mandel, Mahavishnu, Mannassas, Grateful Dead, too many others to mention...
Musical Style:everything. On Looping, primarily Robert Fripp Soundscapes and very early New Age meditations from Steve Roach, Kevin Braheny, and Eno, Constance Demby, Patrick Ball. Cherish the Ladies, Clannad, Chieftans, Alison Krause. Gobs and Gobs of musical influences.
Recordings Available:Forthcoming CD in 2007. Group Rehearsals this summer. Gotta finish grad school first.
Have been playing since I was nine. Currently in heavy rotation thru the spin cycle: Robert Fripp's 'A Blessing of Tears' and 'Love Cannot Bear,' John Mayer, King Crimson Volume II Boxed Set, Handel, Miles' 'Bitches Brew,' Stephen Stills' 'Man Alive.' Picture forthcoming. Looping is rather new to me, and am just discovering infinite worlds possible. Am playing around with delays on Celtic folk harps, viola and violin, pedal steel and acoustic treatments. Bass guitar sounds astonishing, too. Making attempts to get Croatian folk music in front of people in United States and spiritually-infused songs and writings inside the sacred space. Write me, as all inquiries will be answered. Also very interested in collaborations. -James-

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