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andre cholmondeley
Location:red bank nj
Phone Number:732 747 64448
Email Address(es):andre@monmouth.com
Website URL(s):http://www.jswd.net/projectobject
Projects/Ensembles:JFK'S LSD UFO - Live Loop oriented duos
Project/Object - Tribute to Frank Zappa's music
Hidden/Blues Agenda - eclectic trios
Instruments:92 Les Paul
Joe Satch Ibanez
Casio MG 510 Synth Guitar
Looping Gear:Digitech 7.6 Time Machine
Digitech 8 sec Time machine
Digitech PDS 8000
Roland Sequencers
Korg SDD 2000
Lexicon Vortex
Influences:american insanity
all the people you'd expect - robert fripp, adrian belew, david torn, jimi hendrix, eugene chadbourne, henry kaiser, frank zappa, steve tibbetts, micheal hedges, doug wimbush, steve morse, todd rundgren, pat metheny, derek bailey, john zorn, bela fleck.....on and on....
Musical Style:non-commercial??? blues based pyro-progressive refined noise pattern oriented bizarre quietude...
Recordings Available:JFK's LSD UFO - Assassination Hallucination - 80 min cassette $7.00 PP
Just wanna have fun... creating is therapy for the insane world we've ended up in - this time is like NO OTHER - and we have a lot to be responsible for... like it or not, Art, especially music , can be a way to sanity , at least for me, it;'s been that....PEACE/MUSIC/LOVE/

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