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Stefan Tiedje
Location:Berlin, Germany
Phone Number:+49-30-847 167 25
Email Address(es):Stefan-Tiedje@addcom.de
Projects/Ensembles:Performing free improvisations with various artists, WhEB, Poltergeist, Starkstrom
Instruments:Violin, Electric Bass, Voice
Looping Gear:Powerbook with Max/MSP/Jitter and homemade software.
Influences:Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Roland Pfrengle, Thomas Kessler, Alvin Curran
Musical Style:Free electronic improvisation, new music, sound installations
Recordings Available:Polyrische Variationen (Badland Records), Traffic? NoChance!, Holz als Weg, (Sound Installations)
Historically I was using a mixingboard matrix with Digitech RDS 7.6, Jamman, Echoplex, Boss SE-70, pitchshifters and any sound stretching outboard gear available.
No I bulid my instrument inside Max and control it through Faderboxes and keyboards.
I call my software 'DelaySequencer'. The first version was controling a Boss SE-70 via Midi and the long delays where realized with the RDS 7.6.
Now with Max/MSP the world got much easier. I have delays in the minute range and a lot of controls for sound treatment. If anybody needs a RDS 7.6 or a Boss SE-70 (with my control patch) let me know, I might sell it ;-)

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