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Michael Dimin
Location:Averill Park, NY
Email Address(es):mike@michaeldimin.com
Website URL(s):http://www.michaeldimin.com
Projects/Ensembles:Mike Dimin, Solo Bassist
The Chordal Approach
Looping Gear:Boomerang
Musical Style:Jazz, Funk, Solo Bass
Recordings Available:Big Droppins' - coming soon
I am the author of the bass book, The Chordal Approach. The book is a primer for using bass as a solo instrument. I am also a lesson columnist, writer and sometimes editor for Bass Frontiers magazine. I have written, arranged and performed on solo bass for over 20 years. Adding a looping deveice to my arsenal about 5 years ago has expanded my range and allows me to access more venues for my solo bass gigs.

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