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John Z.
Location:Ware , MA

Phone Number:413 967 8097
Email Address(es):jz_4132netscape.com
Website URL(s):http://www.funender.com/music/virtual_equinox
Projects/Ensembles:Home Studio and project studio experiments, jazz gigs or jams
Valley Jazz Ensemble-loved it !)
Instruments:Tenor and Soprano saxophones, Flute, Yamaha WX5 midi wind controller, ASR10 Sampler/keyboard controller,Roland D-110 tone module,and a seldom used Roland pitch to midi converter.
Talking Drum, Kalimba and sundries
Looping Gear:Cubase 4 , Acid Pro 4, FMusic and just got Ambiloop . Borrowed hardware delays ,in said project studio
Influences:early music.future music. Morton Feldman,John Cage, de Machaut...
Miles and Coltrane, Fripp and Eno ! Sun Ra,Steve Reich. Minimal and or tribal electronic ambient music, +Jon Hassell( of course ).
Musical Style:computer assisted music, since Logic SL on the Atari ST days- Lately have been continuing looping/process styled, open ended Minimal Ambient music.
Recordings Available:downloads from Funender.com
Interested in jazz music, and played sax in High School, then various rock,blues,jazz and avant guarde combinations. -have studied jazz improv with various teachers Ed Byrne DMA, Marion Brown most significantly, during the last 15 years.

I always had this alternate interest in music technology synths, samplers audio recording now on a pc. The Organic versus The Synthetic, ah, I'm not the one to reconcile the two in my music, but its a very enjoyable mystery

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